New Print!

New Print!

Polo Bikes of Missoula

These are the steel horses we ride!

-First up:
Kyle's  Scottie-2-Hottie
freewheel - rear brake

-New project bike. Still in the works;
needs a little lovin', but she's built for polo
 freewheel - rear brake

-This is my baby:
old schwinn that was my first conversion.
4 years later she returns for a new purpose!
 fixed gear - front brake
custom paint jobber's the updated version of the above:
 fixed gear 39-17ish.  front side pull brake.
custom bash guard
Murphy Himself frame
eighthinch tessa rims

...and while we're on the new bike subject...
this is my love, my muse:
All City Def Wish on 26 mtx33's
I know...I couldn't wait for the airwolf,